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Current Projects
Completed Projects
Replace ADA Boardwalk at
Replace C028 and D028 BSC
Replace Roof Panels on Gr
Replace Front Steps and P
Install New Roll-up Door
Keepers Quarters Solar
Replace Floor Coverings a
Bldg 101 D-Module, D104 R
C Basement Foundation Lea
Bldg 104 Repairs and Reno
Auburn Roof and Facade Re
Mount Pisgah Amphitheater
Replace HVAC at Headquart
Hatteras DKQ Renovation
Replace Greenhouse Roof P
Carl Sandburg Repairs
Renovate Wright Brothers
Bent Creek Asphalt Sealin
Nacogdoches Lav HVAC Test
RTP Roof Repairs
Linville Quarters Roofing
Great Smoky Mountains Fen
Headquarters Visitor's Ce
Coast Guard Garage Door R
Bldg 101: Provide Electri
Pineville Lighting Replac
Bldg 101 and 105 Install
Replace Roof Sherando Lak
Pineville Roof Project
Lee WorkcenterPainting
Saucier Building Renovati
Bldg 101 Laboratory Wall
Replace Walk-In Freezer
Replacement of Siding and
Relocate Toilet Exhaust F
Replace HTHW Isolation Va
Oxford Security Wall and
Improvements to Price Lak
Ramps and Parking Lots
Moores Creek Septic Tank
Install Paved Walkways in
Clerestory Window Replace
Coweeta Water Leak, UST R
Mount Rogers National Rec
Office Interior Painting
Bent Creek Entomology Lab
Bent Creek Entomology Lab
Santee Roofing and Garage
F366 Provide Additional C
Building 101 Replace B-Ba
Parking Lot
English Chapel Bridge
Relocate Generator
Cape Lookout Parking Lot
East Side Elevator Interi
Valve Pit #16 Metering Ac
Building 105 Envelope
E Module Roof Access Ladd
Design Repair HVAC Renova
Roadway Guard Rail, Walkw
Construct Vehicle Staging
Judge Urbanski's Chamber
VA Directors Suite Renova
Campus Security Enhanceme
Building 101, Module F1 L
Passenger Ferry Facility
SRS HQ Landscaping & Haza
Soils Building Insulation
Flooring Installation For
North Plant Air Separator
Install VA Vinyl Graphics
Upgrade USDC Judge Chambe
Mech Room Epoxy Floors
Bent Creek Remote Lab Rep
ADA Accessible Parking Lo
Bridge Guardrail Repairs
ABF Basement Work Platfor
VQM Repair Bldg D2729
Renovate Office Space for
Sustainment Repairs to Bu
Remove Carpet and Install
Install Electrical Recept
Building 105 Signage and
RTP Lighting
Beaufort Town Hall Bathro
Repair Various Hurricane
Remove Panel EBBLD and Re
Basement Chilled Water Pi
Southern Research Station
Building 101, Module F3 L
Construct Beach Access Ra
Repair Coweeta Weir
Dredge Long Point Harbor
Soundside Boat Ramp
MOCR Septic System
Roadhouse Reimage
High Knob Tower
Fort Bragg MATOC projects
Haulover Dock
Replace Water Mains and L
Saucier Mississippi SRS
Upgrade ASOS Facility
Above Ground Magazine Sto
AB Beach Accesses
SOTG UA Climbing Course
Southern Hardwood Lab
Oxford MS Lighting Ceiling Replacement
McCall Cabin Restoration
Balsam Lake Dam Maint
Fort Bragg Bldg E4325
SRS HQ Renovation
Construct Wood Decks, Ram
Build Transit Shelter Ora
Pedestrian Bridges, Camp
Employment Opportunities
Pre Engineered Buildings
Alliance Building Group
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Completed Project List
See list at left for featured completed projects with photos.




Design-Repair HVAC Renovations, Nacogdoches, TX

Passenger Ferry Facilities at Shell Point Visitors Center, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

Cape Lookout Parking Lot and Roof Repairs, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

East Side Elevator Interiors, Roanoke, NC

Lobby Wall and Minor Miscellaneous Repairs, Nacogdoches, TX

Relocate Generator, RTP, NC

Parking Lot and Ramp 32, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

F366 Provide Additional Cooling, RTP, NC

Bent Creek Entomology Lap Repairs, Asheville, NC

Repair IRM Room Doors, Roanoke, VA

3rd Floor Window Film Installation, Roanoke, VA

Harkers Island Door Controls, Harkers Island, NC

Bent Creek Compressor, Asheville, NC

Prepare Buildings M-1433 and M-1436 for Occupancy, Fort Bragg, N C

Install GFM Carpet in Courtroom, Roanoke, VA

7th Floor Upgrades, Roanoke, VA

Lee Workcenter Painting, George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, VA

Pineville Lighting Replacement, Pineville, LA

Harkers Island Foot Showers, Harkers Island, NC

Pedestrian Bridges, RTP, NC

Topo Survey of Proposed Construction Area, RTP, NC

Auburn Roof and Façade Repairs, Auburn, AL

10th Floor Water Damage, Ronaoke, VA

RTP Roof Repair, RTP, NC

Replace Greenhouse Roof Panels, Raleigh, NC

Bent Creek Asphalt Sealing and Striping, Asheville, NC

Replace ADA Boardwalk at the Ocracoke Day Use Area, Ocracoke, NC

Bldg 101 and 105 Install 480V Convenience Outlets, RTP, NC

Bldg 101: Provide Electrical Conference Tables in D & E Modules

Coast Guard Garage Door Replacement, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

Linville Quarters Roofing Project, Newland, NC

Replace Roof Panels on Greenhouse No. 2, Raleigh, NC

Disconnect Switch Bent Creek, Asheville, NC

Nacogdoches Lab HVAC Testing and Balancing, Nacogdoches, TX




Renovate D366 Lab, RTP, NC

Building 101, Module F3 Lab Renovation, RTP, NC

Third Floor Pro SE Suite Door, Roanoke, VA

Digital Display Installation, Roanoke, VA

3rd Floor South Corridor, Roanoke, VA

Roof Replacement, Franklin, NC

Beaufort Town Hall Bathroom Addition, Beaufort, NC

Building 105 Signage and Card Readers, RTP, NC

Bldg 101 A-Module 2nd Floor Kitchenette and Breakroom Renovation, RTP, NC

Install Electrical Receptacles in Comm Closet Bldg 101, RTP, NC

Bridge Guardrail Repairs, RTP, NC

ADA Accessible Parking Lot at Ramp 25.5, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

Install BSC in D445 Bldg 101, RTP, NC

Repair Various Hurricane Arthur Damage through CALO, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

Renovate Office Space for New Radio Equipment, RTP, NC

Install Single Door USDC, Roanoke, VA

Emergency Basement Repair at SRS Bent Creek, Asheville, NC

USMS Roof Cleaning, Roanoke, VA

Poff Building Miscellaneous Repairs, Roanoke, VA

Ceiling Refinishing, RTP, NC

Water Damage Demolition Repair, Roanoke, VA

E009 Room Repainting, RTP, NC

RTP Roadway Lighting, RTP, NC

North Plant Air Separator Valve Replacement, RTP, NC

Upgrade USDC Judge Chambers, Roanoke, VA

Mech Room Epoxy Floors, Roanoke, VA

1st & 2nd Floor Ceiling Replacement, Roanoke, VA

Concessions Renovation, Roanoke, VA

Repair SRS Water Damage, Asheville, NC

SRS HQ Landscaping & Hazard Trees, Asheville, NC

Install Veterans Administration Vinyl Graphics, Roanoke, VA

Flooring Installation Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Athens, GA

Bent Creek-FHP Soils Building Insulation Replacement, Asheville, NC

VA Director's Suite Renovation, Roanoke, VA

Bent Creek Remote Lab Replacement, Asheville, NC

Building 101, Module F1 Lab Renovation, RTP, NC

ABF Basement Work Platforms, RTP, NC

Electric Door Openers, RTP, NC

F317 & F317A Renovations, RTP, NC

E311 Lab Renovations, RTP, NC

Paint and Closers, Currie, NC

Geothermal Replacement, Currie, NC

Dredge Long Point Boat Basin and Grade Back Roads, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

Basement Chilled Water Piping Replacement, RTP, NC

Remove Panel DBBLD and Replace Panel EBBRE, RTP, NC

Remove Carpet and Install VCT Floor Tiles at Bldg, 1-1242, Fort Bragg, NC

Sustainment Repairs to Building A-2469, Fort Bragg, NC

Coweeta Painting, Franklin, NC

New C-Mod Ladder with Safety Cage & E-Mod Ladder and Platform, RTP, NC

Campus Security Enhancements, RTP, NC

Judge Urbanski's Chamber Renovation Project, Roanoke, VA

Construct Vehicle Staging and Ride Share Area at Ramp 25, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

Valve Pit #16 Metering Access, RTP, NC



Fort Bragg MATOC projects:

  • Range 37 Maintenance Warehouse
  • Bldg E-2535 DPA Surgeon Facility
  • Old Post Stockade
  • Surgeon's Facility
  • VQM Repairs at Bldg D-2729

Oxford Door and Window Replacement, Oxford, MS

Repair Haulover Dock, Portsmouth Village, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

Athens Lab Concrete Repair, Athens, GA

Bent Creek Parking Lot Drainage Repair, Asheville, NC

Oconoluftee Dorms D and E, Cherokee, NC

Construct Beach Access Ramps and S Curve, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

High Knob Observation Tower, Norton, VA

Replace Waste Water System and Install Rainwater Collection at Moores Creek, Currie, NC

Reimage MCCS Roadhouse, Cherry Point, NC

Bent Creek Basement Repairs, Asheville, NC

Soundside Boat Ramp-Ocracoke, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

Flanners Beach Bike Trail, New Bern, NC

Bent Creek Pathology Lab Drainage Repair, Asheville, NC

Dredge LP Boat Basin and Grade Back Road in CALO, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC

Repair Coweeta Weir #8, Franklin, NC

MOCR RV Hookup, Currie, NC

Security Fence for Mod Village, Fort Bragg, NC

Construct Beach Access Ramp, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

Southern Research Station, Asheville, NC



Atlantic Beach Accesses, Atlantic Beach, NC

Ramps and Parking Lots, Cape Hatteras National Seashore (featured in Design/Build tab at left)
Above Ground Magazine Storage, McEntire JNGB, Eastover, SC
Upgrade ASOS, Stanly County Airport, NC
New water distribution system and building renovations for the US Forest Service, Saucier, MS
Replace Water Mains and Laterals, Camp Lejeune, NC
Replace Storm Damaged Haulover Dock, Portsmouth Village, Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC
Bent Creek Parking Lot Drainage Repair, Asheville, NC
Athens Lab Concrete Repair, Athens, GA
Replace Main Gate Control at Air National Guard, New London, NC
Saucier Lab Renovations, Asheville, NC
Wilmington Convention Center Parking Deck FEMA Modifications, Wilmington, NC
Install Firing Range Perimeter Fence, McEntire
Construct Wood Decks, Ramps and Handrails, Camp Lejuene, NC
Parking Lot at Starkville Lab, Starkville, MS
Emergency Road Repairs, Atlantic Beach, NC
Build Transit Shelter, Orange County, NC
Fender Repairs, Bridge 13, Carteret County, NC
Moore's Creek National Battlefield, Fire Suppression, Currie, NC
Moore's Creek National Battlefield, Upgrade Electrical, Currie, NC
Moore's Creek National Battlefield, Replace Septic System, Currie, NC
Repair Balsam Lake Dam, Sylva, NC
Fieldhouse Bldg 751, Camp Lejuene, NC
Water Distribution Improvements, Cherry Point, NC
Construct Pedestrian Bridges, Camp Lejuene, NC
A-11 Outfalls Maintenance, South Carolina
Creek Crossing Repairs #3, Onslow County, NC
Backbone Rock Parking Area,
Reroofing and Repairs, Black Mountain, NC
Fort Bragg Bldg E4325, Fort Bragg, NC
Install Smart Meters, Charlotte, NC
McCall Cabin Restoration, Nantahala Ranger District, Macon County, Franklin, NC
Coweeta Hydrologic Lab, Otto, NC
Bent Creek Greenhouse Electrical Controls Upgrade, Asheville, NC
P1319 BEQ Camp Johnson, Camp Lejeune, NC
Lighting and Ceiling Replacement, Oxford, Mississippi
Southern Hardwoods Laboratory, Stoneville, Mississippi
Roaring Fork, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, Mount Rogers National Recreation Area
Repairs to First Floor Bldg D2719, Fort Bragg, NC
SOTG UA Climbing Course, Camp Lejeune, NC
Replace Seed Cooler, Uwharrie Ranger District, Troy, NC
Replace Frost Proof Hydrant, Croatan National Forest, NC
Retaining Walls, McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC
Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) EFMP Pavilion, MCAS Cherry Point, NC
Greenhouse Glazing and Trailer Replacement, Bent Creek Experimental Administrative Site, Asheville, NC
Town of Atlantic Beach- NC 58 Elevated Wood Walkway/ Sidewalk, Atlantic Beach, NC
Fort Benjamin (Newport) Park- Shuffleboard Courts and Sidewalks, Newport, NC
Southern Research Station Headquarters Renovation, Asheville, NC
Freeman Creek Boat Ramp, Camp Lejeune, NC
Pedestrian Handrail
Town of Atlantic Beach Drainage Improvements, Atlantic Beach, NC
Millis Pettiford Road Repairs, Croatan National Forest, NC
Swansboro Pavilion Bandstand, Swansboro, NC
Building 3890 Laundry Facility and Building 3891 Renovation, McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC
Flanners Beach Waste Water Septic System, Flanners Beach, NC
Tipton Creek, Nantahala National Forest
Franklin Streetscapes, Franklin, NC
Install COMM Infrastructure, Bldg 260, McEntire
Dixon Reverse Osmosis Piping ONWASA
Concrete Foundations, FAA
Seed Cooler, Croatan National Forest
English Chapel Bridge, USDA Forest Service
Construct Picnic Shelter, Croatan National Forest, NC
Stage Storage Facility, Coastal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville, NC
Construct Munitions Storage, NC Air National Guard, Charlotte, NC
Hitchiti Experimental Forest Residence Roof and Painting Project, Juliette, GA
Bent Creek Pathology Laboratory Porch Renovation, Bent Creek Experimental Administrative Site, Asheville, NC
Building H-3441, Concrete Walkways, Fort Bragg, NC
Restroom Building Replacements, Flanners Beach, NC
Onslow Beach Modular Building, Camp Lejeune, NC
Rocky Mountain Loop Trail Bridge, Uwharrie National Forest, Troy, NC
Concrete Repair, NC Air National Guard, Charlotte, NC
Trail Maintenance, Croatan Forest, NC