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 Roadhouse Re-image, Cherry Point, NC


This project is located on MCAS Cherry Point inside the occupied sports bar and grill, “The Roadhouse.”  The work was performed in two phases to allow the Roadhouse to stay open for business.  The first phase included work on the restaurant which included demolition of existing soffits, floor finishes, lighting and cabinets.  New work included new reclaimed barn wood wainscoting, new lighting, paint, cabinets and countertops and new epoxy floor coverings.  The work also included a sprinkler expansion, new doors and hardware and new acoustical ceilings.  The second phase was inside the bar and was performed daily until 3pm when the bar reopened for business.  The work included new lighting, new closets, new wall paint, sprinkler head modifications and reclaimed barn wood and metal wainscoting.  The project was a challenge but a success allowing it to stay open for business during construction.